Nickolas Paquin – François Charest – Guillaume Lehoux – Carl Mercier


  • Benoit Lacoursière, AKA Ben The Race, is an amazingly talented guitar player who joined forces with us by collaborating on each songs on the album. He’s the official solo man! If you would like to hear more guitar stuff from Ben, you can check his older projects like Feather and EverOne.

  • Jacinthe Verrier, is the fairy voice on the song *The Queen*.

  • Hugo Senécal, sings back vocals on the song *The Queen* & *I Run*.

  • Dominic Poisson, sings back vocals on the song *I Run*.

  • François-Michel Labrie, sings back vocals on the song *The Queen*. Mister Labrie is the lead singer and guitar player for FM Stereo.

  • Luc Deschambault, sings back vocals on the song *The Queen*. Luc is a guitar player and vocalist for the band Deny The Evidence.

Special Thanks

  • Erick Paquin, for helping with all the geek stuff like web sites and programming.

  • Alex Paré, for sharing some recording gears and his great recording experience with little tips & tricks. And by the way, if you ever go on tour with your band and you need full security against thefts for your trailor, check out Alex’s web site! They created AMPLOCK!

  • Denise Gagnon, for her literary advice.

  • Nathalie Lehoux, for her eternal and out of this world support.

  • And at last but not at least, we would like to thank all of our friends and families who followed us over the last 10 years. Thanks for your never ending encouragements and support to keep us going and create!
    You guys rock!